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Love and care

In today's RE lesson we remembered that God teaches us to stop worrying about silly things like who is first in the queue, and worry more about being kind, loving and caring. Some children made a collage of all the things we should be grateful for.

Computing in year 5

On Friday Year 5 became computer programmers and created their own ping pong game!

Let it snow...

Even in the middle of September it's not too early to be dreaming about snow. Today the children enjoyed using polystyrene in the outdoor classroom to create snow. The wind helped create our very own snowstorm which as you can see was enjoyed immensely.

We are Electricians!

This is Year 6 reporting from St Cuthberts powerplant. We have been busy using our wires and batteries to generate power for the school! And boy, have we been cooking up some electricity! We have been showing off to the teachers how much we can remember from our Year 3 Science lessons, and we think they are quite impressed! Who knew that a bunch of 10 year-olds could be so excited by a little bit of metal and lithium? For those of you who don’t know, metal is a conductor – FYI. We have been showing what a complete electrical circuit looks like through using light blubs and motors. Our imaginations have been running wild as we have been thinking of different objects we can use to show the speed of our motors and to make this more entertaining! Our poor rubbers have been subjected to an hour of torture whilst being impaled by a sharp object, aka our motors. The classroom was full of flying rubbers, along with shrieks of laughter. Next time, circuit diagrams and symbols. Stay tuned. #sciencegeek #lettherebelight #leadersoflearning.

Our Class Agreement

This week we have been creating our class agreement which has some special rules for our classroom. The children have all painted their portraits to show they will all follow the rules which they have created for our classroom.



"We are a Catholic community, living and learning in faith. Through the Gospel values of faith, hope, trust and love, we aim to recognise individuality and enable each other to fulfil our potential"


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