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During RE today we have been continuing to explore our topic of Baptism. It was lovely to share the photographs from Tapestry of the children's baptisms. We have been talking about the key parts of the baptism ceremony and look forward to seeing Father Spain on Thursday to talk about our topic.

Delicious mud pies!

This afternoon during our plan, do and review session it was lovely to see the children using our new mud kitchen to make mud pies. There was great teamwork, good language of measurement and incredible imaginations at work.

We're all wonders!!!

This week in school we have all been exploring how we have all been created with special talents and gifts from God. It has been lovely to use stories, songs and circle times to discuss bullying and the differences between friendship issues and bullying. We have all been learning about a little boy called Noah who had to learn to say the word "stop" which the children now know they can say on the playground if they see someone being unkind to a friend.

Number Five

This week in our digit dance we are working on forming the number five correctly, "straight back, big belly and a hat on top" is what we say to help us remember how to form five correctly. As you can see we had fun outside practising writing our number fives.

Healthy Teeth

We had a really lovely visit yesterday from our local dentists to help tell us all how to look after our teeth. They talked about how many teeth we have, why our teeth get wobbly and fall out, what happens if we don't look after our teeth and how to take care of our teeth properly. The boys and girls were very excited to get their goody bags with little timers to help them brush their teeth for the right amount of time.



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