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The Magic Porridge Pot

This week in Reception we are exploring the story of "The Magic Porridge Pot." Today in our Magical Maths we have been measuring and cooking our very own porridge. The boys and girls are becoming aware of the different units of measurement and identifying the numbers on the measuring jugs. We talked about the different food groups and it was great to hear how many have porridge in the morning for their breakfast. It was great to see them tidy up and leave our kitchen absolutely spotless.

Class Dojo

Well done Hywel for winning our class dojo this week for his kindness. Keep up the hard work!

Mud Kitchen Delight

It was great to see the children enjoying the mud kitchen this afternoon. There was mud pie, mud cake, mud shake and plenty of other muddy treats.

Creative children

It is safe to say the children in Receptions creative juices were definitely flowing this afternoon. Our Design Area was packed this afternoon and there were some spectacular creations. Jellyfish, ghosts, sparkley dresses and even a tortoise poster.

Watering plants

In our classroom we have different jobs of responsibility which help encourage the children to look after their environment. I was really impressed with our two watering buddies who took such pride in making sure our sunflowers had enough water.



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