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Topic - Kenya (2)

How lucky are we to have yet another visitor in Year 2 telling us all about their trip to Kenya! Mrs Milton has worked with Mrs Gallagher for many years and is very fond of travelling. On her trip to Kenya she met some Maasai people who performed their traditional jumping dance, which we watched on a short video. She also showed us some incredible photographs of the big 5 and the animal migration across the river. Finally, we got to see some amazing carvings of the big five that were crafted by the local Kenyan people. A big thank you, we have learnt so much about Kenya, its people and animals. 

Topic - Kenya

A big thank you to Abigail's dad for coming in to Year 2 to tell us all about his trip to Kenya. He told the children lots of interesting facts about his time working in Kenyan schools and how different they were compared to ours. He had the opportunity to travel across Kenya on a train and we saw some amazing photographs of this experience. 

Beginnings - Religious Education

In RE, Year 2 have been learning about new beginnings and the story of creation. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about how God created our world and they have produced some fantastic art work to represent the seven days of creation.

Topic Home Learning

We would like to say a big thank you to all of the parents who have helped their children with some excellent Topic research. Everyone in Year 2 enjoyed sharing and presenting their findings to the rest of the class.

Science - Comparing a baby and a doll

During our Science lesson the children had to compare a living baby with a baby doll. Thanks to Mrs Davis and Mrs Wharf we were lucky to have 2 beautiful babies to help the children identify similarities and differences between the doll and the babies.

The children also had to think about things that scientists have been able to make robots do, e.g. run, climb the stairs, recognise faces and dance.



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