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Science - Comparing a baby and a doll

During our Science lesson the children had to compare a living baby with a baby doll. Thanks to Mrs Davis and Mrs Wharf we were lucky to have 2 beautiful babies to help the children identify similarities and differences between the doll and the babies.

The children also had to think about things that scientists have been able to make robots do, e.g. run, climb the stairs, recognise faces and dance.

Year 2's Stunning Start

On Thursday, we kick started the term with our Stunning Start, introducing our new topic 'Let's Go on Safari'. We were very lucky to have Mr and Mrs Farraj as our Captain and Senior Cabin Crew to take us on our flight to Kenya. Before we boarded the plane, Mr Farraj taught us lots of interesting facts about flying. We learnt all about the navigation box, the control system and how captains use maps to get them safely from A to B. We have also talked about how they can avoid flying through thunder storms and what happens when a plane gets hit by lightening. Mrs Farraj then told the children all about her role as a senior member of the cabin crew and everything that she has to do before, during and after the flight. Next, Mr and Mrs Farraj, Captain Emma and First Officer Luke welcomed the children on board the flight to Nairobi. After a long 9 hour flight, the plane landed safely in Kenya and we are now ready to start our safari adventure.

I enjoyed learning about Emma's mum and dad's job - Abigail

I enjoyed going on an aeroplane to Kenya, we even had a snack - Millie

I liked it when I was the First Officer. I had to fly the plane and sit in the cockpit with the Captain - Luke

I was the Captain on our flight to Africa, I had to welcome the passengers and get us to Nairobi airport safely - Emma

I enjoyed learning about how all the buttons and monitors work on the aeroplane, in the cockpit - Aurelia

I now know how to remember North, East, South and West: Never Eat Shredded Wheat - Austin


Ammonites - Science lesson

Today, I bought in an ammonite that my grandad found on a cliff in Exeter. He used a hammer and a chisel to break it off. An ammonite is something that was once alive but no longer living - Henry

Ammonites were animals that lived in the sea - Jonny

An ammonite is something that died a long time ago - Rebecca

Over time minerals got into the shell and turned it into rock - Ben


Thank you Henry for sharing your grandad's amazing finding with the class.

Science - Living and non-living things

During our Science lesson the children went on a hunt to find as many different living and non-living things as they could. They had to draw pictures of their findings, label them and explain their choices.

Well done everyone, it was a very productive afternoon with some great findings!




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