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Joseph Drama

In our RE topic 'family trees', Year 4 have been reading the story of Joseph (son of Jacob). We felt inspired, after hearing a song from 'Joseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat', to create our own dramas to retell the story. The classroom transformed into a theatre stage and the children became actors. They worked fantastically in their different groups and put on quite a show! It was educational and entertaining! Bravo Year 4! 

Learning lots!

We are about to enter our last week of Year Four! Miss Hussey can't quite believe it! We've really impressed Miss Hussey and Miss Lewis with our attitudes towards our learning this week. We worked hard on our communicates in Topic this week, as you can see from the pictures. So as a result we earns ourselves some golden time on
Friday afternoon. One more week to go and then our new adventures in Year 5 will start.

Excuse the mess...we're learning!

We've been quite busy over the last couple of weeks. In Science we've been investigating changing states. What better way to study the melting of solids than with some chocolate! In Topic we are really thinking about our presentation skills! We all have lots of ideas about the Ancient Egyptians, what we're looking at is how we can successfully communicate those ideas.

Egyptian Day

We had a really interesting day today, learning all about the Ancient Egyptians from Steve and Sally. It was great to see everyone joining in and dressing up. Then Steven and Sally answered lots of our questions as well as showing us lots of interesting objects. As well as teaching us how to walk like an Egyptian and how to do Maths like the ancients did.

How to mummify a pharaoh..

Turned out Monday morning was quite exciting in Year 4 today. As a stunning start for both our English and History topics, we explored mummification. We were given a set of instructions and a range of tools and away we went. Of course we loved the part where we had to extract the brains through the Pharaoh's nose! We all enjoyed our English lesson this morning,following the interruptions carefully. We can't wait for our Egyptian day next Monday.



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