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Computing in year 5

On Friday Year 5 became computer programmers and created their own ping pong game!

Time travellers

Today we were in a world of saxson we were joined with a guy called Mike, he took us on many adventures. We did some training, games and looked at astonishing artifacts. We were all dressed up in our homemade prehistoric costumes with our weapons and gurdlehangers. When we got to handle some artifacts we were careful not to break them as some of them were 1000 years old!! Then we acted out the fight of the noormands and the Saxons -It was really fun!!
We can't wait until the next one !

Cracking Christmas special

Merry Christmas and welcome to our exclusive Christmas special. Today we will be talking about Christmas all over the world and what it means to us as Christians. In Australia, they believe that a monster comes and takes naughty children away. In Japan they believe that a giant dragon picks all the children and takes them to a far land where the bad children become good for Christmas Day. In Sri Lanka they believe that the North Star is the star over Bethlehem. Many thanks to Liam for this one: in Spain, the 3 kings deliver presents. As Christmas, Christians believe that a baby named Jesus was born as God's son. We also believe that a star rose over Bethlehem, telling the 3 kings that a new King had been born. See you tomorrow for our term overview.

Christmas card chaos

If you look in the top right box, what do you see? The bloggers! Anyway, today we are making Christmas cards and have been working very hard. Some people are using foam to add texture Harriet and Lola both agreed that it was extremely fun. This will be Harriet's last ever blog, as she is moving to the Marist.
See you next week for our Christmas special!

Brilliant Baghdad

"Come visit Baghdad" was the title on our posters and leaflets today. We all made a convincing poster or leaflet with interesting information about why you should visit this amazing city. Year 5 were able to include at least 4 facts and create our very own Islamic Art. Islamic art was a certain pattern of Arabic. Mesopotamian artwork was a recurring pattern of a certain shape! Tune in this Wednesday for the next blog. Bye for now!



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