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Year 5 'lend a hand' to stop bullying!

Today we had a discussion about how we could 'lend a hand' to stop bullying. We wrote all our ideas down on handprints. Tommorow we are going to display our 'hands, for everyone to see!

Anti Bullying Week

Today marks the first day of Anti Bullying Week. In Year 5 we had circle time where we discussed what bullying is and what to do if you think someone is being bullied. It was great to hear everybody's views and opinions of a very important topic. We will continue to do activities based on anti bullying for the remainder of the week. Watch this space!

Marvellous Materials!

This afternoon year 5 started their new Science Topic 'Materials'. We looked at a range of different materials in and outside our classroom and identified all their different properties.

Game designers

Today Year 5 became computer game designers! We story boarded our games and will be creating them next week.

Super Scientists

This afternoon year 5 have been investigating how evaporation can be used as a method to separate mixtures. We made a sugar water solution and have poured it into Petri dishes and placed them around the classroom. William thinks that "the Solution placed on the window sill will evaporate quicker as it is warmer". We can't wait to find out if William is right.



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