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Stupendous Science

Today in science, we were learning about how you sort materials by their properties of matter. We separated them by non-magnetic and magnetic. "We had fun learning about something new!" Exclaimed James Fernando. Kai Dover announced "I found it very fun, interesting and educational." It seems like a good lesson then!
By Sam and Finn.

Community Sports Day

On Tuesday, we went to a monumental place... Royal Holloway, for a community sports day. We were doing a variety of sports: rugby, hockey, cheerleading, football and netball. Flynn said "It was really good and I enjoyed all of it." Aidan said "I enjoyed the netball most because I scored lots of goals but I liked all the other sports." Finally Caelen and Finn both agreed that they "really enjoyed it and it was a great experience especially the football and cheerleading."
By Finn and Caelen.

Super science.

Today we learnt about separating mixtures, the final lesson. Ben Jones said " It was really fun because we got to pick 3 different materials and a partner had to choose how to separate them.

Turbo topic

Today in topic we were learning about what happens when a river reaches the sea. Pedro said " I liked topic because we got to choose between a poster,play,booklet or PowerPoint. A good lesson then!

Terrific topic on a marvellous Monday

Today (10th October) we were learning about how a river changes shape. We were doing our communications about what we had learned in our research. Finn and I were making a poster. The rest of the class were doing plays, booklets, PowerPoints and a few were doing board games. "The lesson was very interesting because I [now] know more about [how] rivers change shape" said Liam Martin-Cenzano. Oliver Nash said "I thought this lesson was [exciting] because I learned more about deposition and erosion" Well, a happy class then! We have had a great time, and the title shows how much we enjoyed this lesson!
By Sam and Finn.



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