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We've arrived!

After a quick coach ride we were soon at PGL Liddington. We were all very excited to get here and played a game of chaos tag with our groupies David and Erin. 

We had a delicious dinner and then started our evening activity of capture the flag - so far so good! All the children are looking forward to tomorrow when they start their activities properly. 

3D shapes

This morning Year Five are continuing to develop their understanding if 3D nets. We are trying to visualise the shapes to get a better understanding of their properties. The boys ar using their DT skills to make a square based pyramid.

The Highway Rat

We have enjoyed reading the Highway Rat in our English lessons this week. As part of our character study, we created our own trial. It was great fun looking at the different thoughts and feelings of the rat. We had some thoughtful questions and interesting points.

Earth & Space

This afternoon we have been discussing how the Earth orbits the Sun! We took advantage of the good weather and the space outside to act out what happens. We used a globe to find out what day and night is like in different places a around the world.

Vicious Vikings

Wow! What an exciting Tuesday we had today! Mike from 'Portals to the Past' came to visit us today. He brought Viking artefacts, clothes, weapons, games and much more with him. We heard stories about Gods and gruesome stories about battles. We had so much fun and can't wait to communicate all of our newly learnt knowledge during our topic lessons. 



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