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How to capture a dragon

This morning we were practising our instructional skills. We had to read, follow and then re-cap instructions on how capture a dragon. We had great fun using the instructional language alongside our imaginations! To test our understanding we then had to instruct the reception class on how to capture a dragon. It was definitely an interesting start to our Monday morning!

A cloudy lesson

We have started this week's English learning with a video. It is called a cloudy lesson if you would like to watch it on YouTube. We've made our own clouds and cloud makers to inspire some instructional writing. Miss Hussey was quite impressed with our imaginations!


This afternoon we were playing with candy floss! Okay, actually we were investigating how long it takes for candy floss to dissolve in a liquid. We had great fun! We looked at a lot of different solids, trying to work out and predict which solids dissolve in a liquid. We learnt that a solution is formed when a solid dissolves in a liquid.

Place value

This week in Maths we've been challenging our place value knowledge by reading, writing and ordering numbers with up to 7 digits. These pictures show us using the place value cards that help us to understand the place value behind each digit.

Film animation

We had great fun designing our own film narratives today. We have based our own films on the plot of the John Lewis advert, changing the story to make it our own. Thank you to all those parents who supported our play dough making as well. We made lots of different colours with Mrs Colon. So we're nearly ready to start filming.



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