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A naughty elf

Bob has been up to some naughty tricks this week, he's doodled on our class picture and set us challenging maths problems. But when we came to school on Thursday morning he hadn't done anything because Elsa had frozen him! It took a while, but we turned up the heat and eventually Bob melted. Wonder what he'll get up to next week?!

Visitors to Year 5

We were very lucky in Year 5 this morning - Some of our Dads, Grandads and male relatives came to see what we get up to and talked to us about what they normally do for their jobs. It was very interesting. Our visitors told us about working in the Army, for Shell, as a plane engineer and how a retired magistrate now works with guide dogs. We learnt lots! In return we told them about our naughty elf, Bob. We also gave our visitors a sneak peak of our Christmas rap.

Bob the Elf

Today was the 2nd day of magic in Year 5. Bob the elf has visited us again. This morning he was on the top of our whiteboard playing connect 4 with the magpie.
Year 5 have started off Advent being prepared - Father Hugh visited us for Mass yesterday and helped to explain Advent to us. We've also created our own Advent calendar which helps us to think about living our lives as God would want us to. We've been talking about waiting in hope during Advent in our RE lessons. Whilst we are preparing ourselves for Jesus, during advent, we are also enjoying the excitement of waiting for Bob each day.

Thermal conductivity

This afternoon, during Science, we have been investigating the thermal conductivity of different materials. We all bought our hot water bottles into school and tested different materials to find out which material was the best conductor and which was the worst.

Dear Miss

We've been learning about persuasive letters through the book 'Dear Miss' in English. We've been following the journey of one of the characters trying to find out about his feelings and motives. We even had a visit from the character. Although we think he looked remarkably like Miss Hussey.



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