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Introducing our Head Girl and Head Boy.
At St Cuthbert's every child, teacher and governor belongs to a house named for one of the patron saints of the British Isles.  Children in year 6 are elected to house captain and vice captain and role model the behaviours of their patrons:
St Andrew:

Teamwork – as a fisherman Andrew needed to work in partnership.

Humility – he did not think he was worthy to emulate Jesus. To be humble is not to be arrogant or self important, it is to be modest.



St David:

Innovation – St David is said to have come up with the idea that members of the Welsh army should wear a Welsh leek to identify themselves and make sure they were fighting the enemy, not each other.

Sharing – David lived a simple life and did not place value on personal belongings, he did not like people saying “my such and such”. He preferred to share essentials, rather than be what we would call today “consumerist”.



St George:

Selflessness – George put the welfare of others first.

Bravery – George was both emotionally and physically brave to undertake his   daring mission.


St Patrick:

Clarity – Patrick was able to explain things to people and is said to have used the Shamrock as a symbol to explain how God is three entities in one (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit).

Exploratory – Patrick made many missional journeys, he travelled around Ireland a lot preaching and helping people.



Children are rewarded in lessons for good work and outside of lessons for positive behaviour by the giving of house points. A celebration is held at the end of the school year to recognise the house that has earned the most house points.

We are very proud of our Year Six pupils, as the oldest children in our school they take on many other responsibilities as well as house captain roles.  


"We are a Catholic community, living and learning in faith. Through the Gospel values of faith, hope, trust and love, we aim to recognise individuality and enable each other to fulfil our potential"


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